Hi there, my name is Angela and I design WordPress websites for freelancers and small businesses that sparkle with a difference. Or I can teach you how to make your own brilliant site… Or I can just make sure your site stays dazzling.

In the beginning

This all started when I was designing jewelry as hobby and in 2007 decided I wanted to sell my jewelry on my own website that I made myself.

I had a lot of experience in computer systems management, marketing, publishing and software tutoring so I was sure I could figure out how to do it and do it right.

After much research, I found WordPress to be a well-loved website creation tool with a great contact management system that’s flexible and easy to use. I saw how it keeps you relevant to your public and to the search engines alike. It’s now so beloved that over half the websites on the internet use it.

I found the answers

I did a lot of reading, experimenting, and learning. I made a site for the jewelry and then for other hobbies of mine and then for other friends of mine. I made all the mistakes you can make and worked out how to fix them. And in the process, found out how much I love making websites!

Now I help you

Now I combine that experience to do what I love for you – from site hosting, and design, keyword analysis and SEO, to social media setup, site maintenance and WP coaching – I’m your one-stop website design shop.

I work with people who, like me, love what they do and want to shout it from the rooftops, digitally speaking of course. And it’s that enthusiasm I love to work with most. So, let’s get started!

Let’s combine our passions to make you shine!