WordPress website design, Belleville, Ontario, website designer, SEO, digital, social media

For decades, I have loved all things technology, marketing, & design. Throughout my career, I’ve made use of technology in business to get the word out in a well-crafted way.

I’ve been a managing editor of a business publication, a marketing manager for tech companies, an operations manager of a nonprofit and from there, a serial entrepreneur.

Now I combine all that know-how to do what I love for you – from site hosting, keyword analysis and SEO to copywriting, page layout and design, to photo editing, social media setup and graphic design – I’m your one-stop website design shop. You’ll also be fully trained on your new site and I do have flexible support options as well.

Imagine my delight when I discovered the all-in-one WordPress in 2007. WordPress is a well-loved contact management system that’s flexible and easy to update. It keeps you relevant to your public and to the search engines alike. And it comes with many beautiful themes designed for any and all.

I work with freelancers and small businesses who, like me, love what they do and want to shout it from the rooftops, digitally speaking of course. And it’s that enthusiasm I love to work with most.

wordpress buddySpeaking of whom I work with, I’d like to reassure you that all projects with be done with the utmost professionalism and punctuality. Alfred, the gentleman cat, is a stern taskmaster although he does insist on a multitude of stretch-and-cuddle breaks throughout the day. It’s good for us both.

So, let’s combine our passions to get you where you want to go… And beyond!